Concrete Lintels Specifications

Standards and Design

The design of Naylor prestressed lintels complies with Eurocode 2 Part 1-1: Design of concrete structures – General rules and rules for buildings.

All fire rated lintels produced by Naylor Lintels comply with BSEN1992-1-2:2004-Classification of fires.

Naylor lintels conform to BSEN845: Part 2:2013 + A1:2016 – Specification for ancillary components for masonry lintels.

Materials used in the manufacture of Naylor Prestressed Lintels comply with BSEN206:2013 + A2:2021 – Concrete specification performance production and conformity, plus BS8500-1:2015 – Complementary BS to BSEN206 describing ways of specifying concrete and gives specifiers guidance.

The prestressing wire complies with BS5896:2012 – High tensile steel wire and strand for the prestressing of concrete.

Naylor Concrete Lintels have a low water absorption as a result of the dense concrete mix used in the manufacturing process.  They can be used underground providing that the ends of the units are encased in a minimum of 45mm of mortar to the ends of the reinforcing strands.

All Naylor Lintels are have a concrete strength of 50N/mm2 and are suitable to accept fixings providing that the tendons contained inside the unit remain undamaged.

Prestressed lintels are likely to display a camber as an inherent property of prestressed elements limited to L/250.

Naylor Concrete Products Ltd operate to Certified ISO 9001 quality assurance standards.

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