Precast concrete products are a popular choice with specifiers and end users alike.  In our latest blog, we interviewed our Sales Estimator, about Naylor Concrete’s precast solutions and the advantages they bring over construction products manufactured from alternative materials.

How long have you worked for Naylor Concrete and what’s your role?

I’ve been working for Naylor Concrete for over four years and am the Sales Estimator for the business. This involves everything from handling order enquiries through to providing quotes and tenders, creating drawings for customers and overseeing production and delivery.

For how long has Naylor Concrete been designing and manufacturing precast systems?

Naylor Concrete has a long-standing track record in the development of precast concrete systems which covers more than half a century and dates back to 1966 when a business called Whites, subsequently acquired by Naylor Concrete, was first established.

How many product types are included in the Naylor Concrete precast range and who uses your products?

We manufacture six different product types: Rockwall, a range of retaining wall products; Sealwall liquid holding tanks; Groundwall retaining walls; modular tanks and bollards. Our precast products are used in a wide range of sectors which include civils, agriculture, groundworks, general construction, housebuilding, water utilities, waste and recycling, highways and rail.

Why are Naylor precast products so popular with specifiers and end users?

Specifiers and end users can be confident that when they buy a Naylor precast concrete product it will be manufactured to a consistently high quality, will be highly durable and will enable design flexibility to allow architects and designers to create bespoke and aesthetically pleasing structures.

The specification of Naylor precast products also minimises site disruption and optimises site safety as much of the construction work is done off site; can speed up construction as all of our products are available within a short lead time, and in the longer term, minimises maintenance requirements to provide a more cost-effective solution than alternative systems.

How much does Naylor Concrete invest in product development and testing for its precast range?

At Naylor we are committed to making significant ongoing investments in R&D.  In this year alone, we have invested more than £155,000 in a new research laboratory at our manufacturing site in Barugh Green which will enable us to focus on the development of new low carbon concrete materials which will help Naylor and the construction industry to deliver net zero. We have also invested in a new water recycling capability as we seek to reduce the carbon footprint of our own operations and we continue to invest in ongoing  industry leading product testing.

What products are particularly popular at the moment and why?

Our new Rockwall corner unit and Rockwall retaining wall products are very popular at the moment because they provide a cost effective solution and are held in stock or, in the case of corner units, can be supplied within short lead times.  They make it easy for end users to create the smaller above and below ground bulk storage facilities often required for recycling and agricultural applications.  Rockwall retaining walls are proving particularly popular with farmers at the moment who are looking to build slurry stores.

We’re also seeing a lot of demand from utility companies for our Sealwall liquid holding tanks.  Sealwall tanks provide a robust, precast concrete solution for storing liquids without the need for in situ concrete make up pieces and are made to order.

Finally, how can specifiers and end users contact Naylor Concrete to obtain any information about your systems or discuss their project requirements?

If anyone would like to get in touch, please give us a call on 01226 320810 or email us at We’d love to hear from you and will get straight back to you regarding your enquiry.