Cut Sandstone Retaining Wall around two culverts

Naylor Concrete is to manufacture and supply Verti-Block – an innovative, lightweight retaining wall solution – throughout the UK. A modular, hollow, big block retaining wall solution, Verti-Block offers all the strength of a traditional retaining wall system but with less weight and a choice of aesthetically pleasing designs. 

To support the manufacture and supply of Verti-Block, Naylor Concrete is investing in 30 new moulds and a new manufacturing facility.  The business has also appointed a dedicated National Retaining Wall Manager, John O'Gara, to deal exclusively with Verti-Block sales and customer support in the UK market.

John O'Gara, the new National Retaining Wall Manager for Naylor Concrete

Suitable for use as a retaining wall, gravity wall or reinforced wall, the Verti-Block system does not require installation of geogrid earth support tails or the application of decorative face and, to maximise time, labour and cost savings, blocks are also dry fix so no mortaring is required.  Its lightweight construction also means it’s easy to transport on standard articulated vehicles, reducing the number of vehicles required to make deliveries to site and minimising carbon emissions.

The system also requires little maintenance post installation and comes with a 120-year design life and a Naylor warranty regarding the quality of the concrete mix used to manufacture Verti-Block products.

Canyon Ledge finish Verti-Block retaining wall

Verti-Block is suitable for use in a wide range of residential and commercial applications including in major highways and rail projects, housing developments and motorway service area car parks. It can also retain and line riverbanks, acting as flood protection, and be used as a hostile vehicle mitigation system.

For more information about the Verti-Block system, contact John O'Gara by calling 07736 907391 or emailing  Additional information is also available on the Naylor Concrete website at