As a ‘CO2nstruct Zero’ Business Champion and a leading British manufacturer, Naylor Industries is committed to reducing its net-zero carbon footprint.   

Never before has there been as much focus on the reduction of carbon emissions and the delivery of net zero - achieving an overall balance of zero C02 in an organisation’s operations.  At Naylor Concrete we care deeply about the environment and are continually striving to improve our environmental performance by reducing carbon emissions, minimising waste, increasing energy efficiency and switching to more sustainable sources of energy.  

Our Net Zero Carbon Strategy is a fundamental part of our journey to Net-Zero, overall business strategy and focusses on the six core areas of organisational commitment, quantification and the use of science-based targets, targeting and implementation, monitoring, reporting and continual improvement.

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Our CEO says
“We recognise that to achieve net zero by 2050 we need to explore and develop innovative and energy saving technologies”
Edward Naylor
CEO - Naylor Industries PLC