Fair Faced Lintels

Lintels for use in exposed situations where higher load capacities are required

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Our Fair Faced concrete lintels are prestressed to ensure optimum load carrying performance and come with 30 minutes fire rating as standard. They are typically used in exposed situations where there is no need for surface finishes.

Prestressed concrete lintels ensure optimum performance and have a high span to depth ratio which results in lighter units. Each lintel is marked at the ‘top’ to ensure correct orientation during installation.  They can also be cut to length without adversely affecting product performance.

For superior aesthetics, Naylor Fair Faced lintels have a Type C Fair Faced finish and are manufactured in moulds to ensure uniformity of colour and surface finish. They are available in 14 different section sizes and in widths of 100mm, 140mm, 190mm and 215mm with lengths ranging from 900mm to 4800mm dependent upon section size. 

Typical Applications & Uses

  • Suitable for use in applications which do not require a surface finish including:

  • Warehouses
  • Schools
  • Factories
  • Industrial units
  • Hospitals
  • Sports/Leisure
  • Airports

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