Concrete Posts for Timber Fencing

Designed specifically for use with timber rail fencing, our concrete posts are manufactured from a high strength semi-dry mix for optimum durability and come in a wide range of sizes.

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Our universal, heavy duty and recessed concrete posts are uniquely manufactured using a semi-dry concrete mix compacted by vibration to give the post optimum strength and durability.  Our range comprises standard concrete posts for timber fencing, heavy duty posts, recessed posts and gravel boards.

Our recessed posts measure 140mm x 115mm at the base, tapering up to 100 x 115mm at the top. These posts are mainly used for closeboard and featheredge fencing, giving extra security and privacy. A recess is cast into the fence post, which allows the timber rail to fit neatly within the post itself. The rails can then be directly attached using a steel bolt in the preformed holes.

Recessed post gravel boards measure 150mm in height, with a thickness of 50mm and are manufactured in a range of lengths. Used to create a barrier which stops timber pales from coming into contact with the soil and causing decay, gravel boards also make a neat and attractive finish to your overall fence line.  Our semi-dry manufacturing process gives our recessed posts and gravel boards a more textured finish which is different to our range of slotted posts which uses a wet-cast concrete mix that is clean and smooth.

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Chosen by contractors, merchants, specifiers and homeowners, our recessed posts and gravel boards are used in a range of commercial and domestic applications.

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