Naylor prestressed concrete lintels supplied to the ‘Constructing Minds’ show garden at RHS Flower Show

The Economy Range lintels were laid side by side and created a feature pathway spanning over a water feature.

Construction has the highest suicide rate of all industries, with an average of two workers taking their own lives each working day. The Constructing Minds garden is designed as a calming space to help those struggling with their mental wellbeing and promotes the construction industry charities Band of Builders and Mates in Mind.

Crossing the threshold via a steel portico, the garden opens to a curved pathway with gentle planting. The Consultation Glade provides a private retreat for one-to-one counselling, while the Inner Sanctuary, planted with pockets of wildflowers, is a place to feel secure and private. The babble of a stream echoes around the garden and is home to a dead-wood dam. The Wildflower Meadow allows ‘forest bathing’, which is based on the belief that time spent immersed in nature can bring rejuvenating benefits. The shape of the garden and Inner Sanctuary echoes the cell structure of an oak tree’s taproot, to create a feeling of being rooted to the environment.

The garden was awarded Best Show garden and was the Silver Gilt medal winner.