Naylor Precast Panels for Cemetery wall structure in Wigan

Precast concrete Groundwall Panels, designed and manufactured Naylor Precast with a special rock face finish to blend in with existing surroundings, have replaced an integral part of a cemetery wall structure in Wigan.

The 2.35m high (1m wide) concrete panels, which were formed with a bespoke liner, were installed on time and within budget by Parklands Services, a leading construction provider in the North West. Shaun Edwards, Managing Director of Parklands Services, commented: “We were very impressed with the turnaround, quality and detail of the precast panels from Naylor Precast. This allowed us to deliver a competitive time frame for our customer, resulting in a first class structure that fits in seamlessly with the location and is pleasing for the public”.

The contract demonstrated Naylor Precast’s ability to supply long-lasting solutions with specialist finishes that are above and beyond those associated with traditional concrete panels. Previously, to suit a Victorian Pennine-style embankment dam at Doe Park Reservoir in Yorkshire, Naylor Precast supplied masonry-effect form-liner for the exposed external concrete faces of the wave wall and spillway, instead of standard masonry.

Naylor Precast’s cost-effective Groundwall panels, which require less cure time and build time, are also suitable as retention for railway embankments and highways, as well as push walls to resist machinery loads, extreme heights of storage, and for salt barns.

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