Naylor Lintels specified for Farmhouse Renovation in Tickhill

The farmhouse is situated within a conservation area in Tickhill near Doncaster and after 14 months of renovation is due for completion in November 2014. Naylor lintels were specified throughout and in some instances the walls of the building were so thick they required 4 Naylor lintels to be used side by side to make up the width.

Award winning Architects Coda Studios and Contractor Terry Huggett worked closely with the client to convert and extend the somewhat rundown farmhouse and outbuildings into a stunning contemporary home.

We regularly specify Naylor lintels on our smaller more bespoke projects. They have specifically being used on a farmhouse renovation that we completed for a private client in Tickhill. Due to the thickness of the existing walls we had to use 4No. Naylor concrete lintels over each opening. The transformation of the farmhouse before and after is quite remarkable.

Jamie Hanson
Coda Studios