Naylor Lintels 2 Million Manufacturing Improvement Project

As part of our £2 million manufacturing improvement project for manufacture of prestressed concrete lintels, we have used our own Naylor Precast modular tanks to create a recycling tank for water from the extrusion process and wash off area.

Four modular tanks were used in sequence each having a 10,000 litre capacity giving a total capacity of 40,000 litres.

Each individual tank has a dimension of 2.0m high x 2.4m long x 2.3m wide.

A single modular tank has a holding capacity of 10 cubic metres or 10,000 litres and combined with further elements a tank of 100 cubic metres or 100,000l can be achieved.

Designed for use below ground and suitable for storage of most liquid types. Commonly used to contain leachate and dirty water the tanks are supplied in at pack form complete with concrete covers which can be solid, slatted or have a manhole opening.